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landing overruns

with the Boeing 737


Dec 05

Landing in light snow on runway 100% contaminated with 2mm wet snow.

Nov 25

Landing on a wet runway.

Sep 24

Landing in heavy rain on wet runway.

Mar 05

Late touchdown after a non precision approach at night in poor weather on a medium length wet runway.


Oct 22

Landing on wet runway.


Dec 25

Landing in snow on runway covered with 3mm wet snow, friction coefficient 0.37 (Braking Action M/G).

Aug 07

Landing with tailwind on a wet runway after unstable approach, high over threshold with high thrust and late thrust reduction, floating, very late touchdown (far beyond TDZ) , early reverse stowage, overshot RESA, 21 fatalities.

FINAL REPORT: (a.o.) Non availability of quick and accurate landing performance assessment tool.

Feb 05

Landing with strong tailwind on a wet runway with hydroplaning after unstable approach. 3 Fatalities.

Jan 05

Landing in tailwind on slippery (wet snow) runway with high speed over threshold (incorrect FAS). LDR exceeded LDA.

FINAL REPORT: (a.o.) No assessment of negative wind effects after runway change as requested by crew. Expected rwy condition GOOD to MEDIUM, but was MEDIUM to POOR. In case rwy was G/M, performance still insufficient.


Jul 12

Late touchdown due to engaged A/T on a wet runway with hydroplaning and insufficient reverse.

Jul 01

Landing in heavy rain on wet runway.

May 06

Landing in snow on slippery (20mm dry snow) runway.

May 03

Landing in heavy rain and tailwind on standing water covered and ungrooved runway after unstabilized approach.

FINAL REPORT: Tailwind and with excessive approach speed. Extreme loss of braking friction due to hydroplaning. 1 Thrust reverser inop by MEL. Inadequate guidance for evaluating runway braking conditions and conducting en route landing distance assessments. No braking action data available but rwy condition was worse than "GOOD".

Apr 29

Landing with tailwind.

Feb 16

Landing in rain on a wet runway

Jan 19

Landing in gusty wind and blowing snow on possible slippery runway (no RWYCC's issued).

Jan 18

Landing in freezing drizzle on possible slippery runway (braking action was reported GOOD).

Jan 03

Landing with Max LDW beyond TDZ with high speed and 1 thrust reverser deactivated by MEL.


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