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After getting his degree as an aeronautical engineer (BEng) and a military service at the Military Flying School of the Royal Netherlands Airforce, Maurits Hulshof, author of the Performance Reference Handbook 737, started his civil flying career as a first officer on a British Aerospace Jetstream 31 (BA31) in both The Netherlands (Base Airlines) and Sweden (Flying Enterprise) and became a captain on the same type.

In 1999 he joined his current employer transavia airlines, The Netherlands, as a First Officer on the B737Classic (B733) and later B737NG (B737/B738) and promoted to captain on the B737NG 4 years after.

Already after less than 2 years after his employment, Maurits got the opportunity to combine his aeronautical education with his flying ability and became transavia's first assistent technical pilot in which he developed the company's performance course. 

Nowadays Maurits is an active captain and Type Rating Instructor (TRI), Examiner (TRE), Multi-Pilot Licence instructor (MPLI) and Technical Knowledge Instructir (TKI) with over 12,000 total flying hours of which more than 10,000 on the Boeing 737. Besides being one of the maintenance test pilots, he is the company's specialized performance instructor and responsible for the various performance courses regarding Type Qualification and Command training and he also trains the Flight Dispatchers and supports / advices the Flight Technical Affairs department on the same subject on a regular basis.


In 2019 Maurits started his company Airplane Performance Training in which he further developed the PRH 737 (Performance Reference Handbook 737) as an app and rents himself as a (performance) instructor to other companies. 

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