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"Perfect app for all the performance subjects"

"It makes a difficult subject easier"

"Best peformance handbook for the day to day use"

"It's very good and extremely useful!"

"This app makes me a better and more professional pilot"

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aircraft performance explained in an app
and useful tools

B737 Performance Handbook: from book to app

This site enables you to preview and to order the B737 Performance Handbook app which originally saw light as a hardcopy book (B737 PRH - Performance Reference Handbook) but is now available as iPad/iPhone app. It is an electronic reference guide for professional airline pilots flying the Boeing 737 but is also very useful for pilots of other large civil twin-jets, airline dispatchers and trainees. It explains all relevant performance matters which you come across in your operational life as a pilot, from dispatch until the final landing.

It is written by an airline pilot with an aeronautical engineering degree who is an active captain/TRI on the Boeing 737NG.


This app contains all a pilot or dispatcher needs to know about aircraft performance for large civil twin jet aircraft in general and for the Boeing 737NG in special. Due to commonality, the information in this app may also serve as reference for other Boeing types. 

Performance regulations of the worlds 2 main rulemaking agencies, EASA and FAA, are incorporated, as well as ICAO definitions and remarks.

Performance Class A

In this app general performance regulations for large civil twinjets (performance Class A) is explained as well as performance data and application methods for the Boeing 737NG in special. See preview for more details.

Although it is common practice nowadays to have computerized tools available for performance computations, this app may still serve as a source of information to keep you familiar with the full meaning of the calculations you have (or your computer has) made.

Useful operational tools

Besides reference and explanatory information, this app contains also a Tools section with various handy tools which makes the pilot life easier (see preview for a short demo video):​

  • Landing Distance & Brake Cooling Time Calculator for various B737 types

  • Go-Around Climb Gradient & Limit Weight Calculator for various B737 types

  • Actual Stop Margin Calculator based on the TAS (True Airspeed) effect with visualization.

  • Wind Components & Vref Additive (Approach Speed) Calculator with easy animated input of runway- and wind direction.

  • Runway Condition Report Decoder based on Global Reporting Format (GRF) 

  • Interactive V1 visualization



24 july 2023

Update 3.3

Full screen option added in TOOLS.

Also some chapter expansions and bug fixes.

30 may 2023

Update 3.2.2

Landing Distance & Brake Cooling calculator TOOL expanded.

The output of the Landing Distance & Brake Cooling calculator TOOL now also displays per Autobrake Setting the limit speeds for Caution and Fuse Plug Melt zones.

27 feb 2023

Update 3.2

B737CL + B738SFP2

data added.

Besides updates regarding iOS16 optimization, V1-Range tool improvements and various text changes, the Landing Distance & Brake Cooling calculatot and G/A gradient calculator is expanded with B737 Classic (B733/B734) and B738-SFP2 data.

16 feb 2022

Update 3.0

including  NEW TOOL:

Interactive V1 visualization

A new update is released based on a complete reprogramming offering a improved user experience and also a new TOOL.

31 jan 2022


Runway Condition Report (GRF) Decoder

A new tool is added to the tool box. Now decode the Runway Condition Report (RCR) according the Global Reporting Format (GRF).

12 aug 2021

EASA: EU Regulation 2019/1387 now applicable

The new GRF (Global Reporting Format) methodology for assessing runway surface conditions is now applicable.

6 apr 2021


Go-around Gradient & Limit Weight calculator

A new tool is added to the tool box.



what others say...

"The 737PRH makes 737 performance transparent and understandable to pilots like me, for whom performance has always been some kind of black hole.  I finally got to understand some performance issues that have been obscure to me for many years !  The book comes in handy format and excellent layout.  Well done, Maurits, I recommend your guide to all 737 pilots !"
Pat BOONE, Captain, business owner of and author of the 737 Management Reference Guides,


"I bought the "Performance Reference Handbook". The book is brilliant! It is the best Performance book I have ever held in my hands. Anyone who is interested in the subject (and I bet many are) must buy that book!"
Jakob BURKHARDT, Cpt 737, Germania


"I've read your book several times because i find it amazing and explicative. It's the best 737 performance book for the day to day use." 

Cpt 737


"If you want to brush-up your performance knowledge, or if you simply want to have a complete overview on the subject, this is the book to buy!"

Cpt/TRI 737NG

"The PRH looks very neat and especially the contents are something I have been looking for for quite some time! I will use it frequently. A must for every 737 pilot!"

Cpt/TRE 737NG

"I am grateful to you as this book has clarified lot of doubts I had regards to general and specific performance."

Pilot 737

"My compliments on an excellent book which finally simplifies and brings together aircraft performance information."

Cpt 737

"I have been positively impressed by your PRH. Well done!"

Head of Training / PCT

"Very nice book you made! This is the first time I see a clear explanation of performance matters."

Pilot 737

"Your app is helping me a lot to be a better and more professional pilot." 

Cpt 737

"Congratulations on writing a very useful performance guide." 

Cpt 737

"Great app! Perfect app for all the performance subjects. It's definitely worth it's money. I use it a lot of times while preparing for my simulator checks." 

Cpt 737

"It is just the best Performance Reference Handbook there is! Do I have to say more..." 

Cpt 737

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